1.Classification : Cashew nuts  WW240, WW320, WW450, SW240, SW320, LP, SP, WS, DW, etc.

  1. Quality:


Trade Name Colour/ Characteristics Count/454 gms
size description
Max. Moisture Broken Max
WW240 White Whole The WW means the highest class in quality scale. The kernels are white, pale ivory, light ash gray in colour free from black or brown spots 220-240 5 % 10 %
WW320 300-320 5 % 10 %
WW450 400-450 5 % 10 %
WS White Split
SW, LBW, SK1, DW Whole Kernels Scorched, Lightly Blemished Wholes, Dessert Whole
LP/LWP/SP1/SWP, SP Broken kernels Large Pieces, Small Pieces,
BB Baby Bitts Baby Bitts
  1. Cashew nut Preservation

Our cashew nuts  are preserved in our storage which is fully equiptep,  dry clean and cooling temperature The storage  is  free from foreign smell, no insect, rodents

  1. Packing:

In flexi/vacum plastic bags or Tin box, then load in carton boxes. Each carton of 22.68 kg net. Total 700 cartons

15.876 kgs per cont 20ft