PHYSICAL Color Natural white, free from rancidity or musty
Flavor Mild and sweet coconut taste
Imputiries Not more than 5 darks or yellow specks per 100gram
Particle size –          Fine grade: 3mm> size > 2.5mm:10%, 2.5mm> size> 2mm: 70%, 2mm>size: 20%

–          Medium grade: size > 5mm: 10%, 5mm> size > 3mm: 75%; 3mm>size: 15%

CHEMICAL Fat content 65% +/-2%
Free Fatty Acid 0.3% maximum
Peroxide value 1.0meq O2/kg maximum
Moisture 3% maximum
Residual SO2  50 ppm max ( or 20ppm max if required)
No GMO Negative
No Ionized Negative
Samonella Negative
BAG PE + 03 kraft paper bag + PP, Bags are free of BPA
STORAGE CONDITIONS Dry clean place, far from heat resource, free from foreign smell, no insect, rodents

Temperature below +25°C and relative humidity 75%

SHELF LIFE 24 months from MFG date